A place of positive energy


At a distance of 73km from the city of Rhodes, on the slopes of Akramitis, lies the picturesque village of Monolithos, with its amphitheatrically built stone houses. The village owes its name to the rock, on top of which the Venetian castle of the village was built. The castle of this historic hamlet remained impregnable during difficult times, and its inhabitants were also noted for their stiff resistance and bravery in the national struggles for freedom (1919, 1940-1945).

Today it is a peaceful, registered “place of positive energy”, pleasant to all kinds of visitors, as it combines the beauty of the natural landscape, history and gastronomy. In recent years, alternative activities such as mountain biking, hiking and stargazing have also been organized and offered to anyone interested. Nature lovers can enjoy, organized or not, a hike in nature exploring it and discovering rare species of orchids; history buffs can climb the 100 steps of the castle to travel back to the times of the Knights; experts in matters of taste and those who believe gastronomy is an integral part of a place have the opportunity to enjoy local delicacies at some local tavern; finally, for those who love the sun and the sea: the only thing they need to do is to head straight for “Fourni” [small oven], a pebbly beach with crystal clear waters, ideal for those who do not love crowded places. If you wish to explore the south of the island, you can stay in one of the few small dwellings in the village.



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