Sea breeze and alluring waters


Gennadi, one of the largest villages of Rhodes, is situated 64 km away from the city of Rhodes. A village with sprawling beaches and crystal clear waters, where one can enjoy a swim by an organized beach bar or choose less crowded beaches. Heading to the village from the main road, you can see lots of holiday homes, catering businesses and accommodation for all tastes, while crossing the narrow streets of the village, you will find buildings such as the police station, an Italian building with a special architectural style, the oil mill, the monastery of Agia Anastasia [St. Anastasia] and the church of Agios Ioannis Theologos [St. John the Theologian].

Nature lovers can explore places such as the gorge of “Malas” with its small waterfalls, the lake of “Skolonitis” and the artificial dam of Gennadi.




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