For romantic nature lovers


About 85 km away from Rhodes city lights, at an altitude of 150 meters on a lush green route, there is a small picturesque village, unspoiled by modern evolution, bearing intact the charm of the Dodecanese.

At the entrance of the village, there is a drinking fountain under the shade of a plane tree with cool water that gives the visitor a fresh breath so as to take a relaxing, enjoyable stroll in the narrow streets of the village. Traditional white-washed houses and colorful gardens give the impression of a traditional settlement. The monastery of Agios Filimonas [St. Philemon], a post-Byzantine monastery that, in antiquity, used to be an ancient temple dedicated to Apollo, is also worth a visit. Hiking up the mountain towards to end of the village, you will find the small tabernacle of Agios Niconas [St. Nikon] (13th century), wherefrom you can admire the panoramic view to the sea, the mountains of Mesanagros and the monastery of Panagia Skiadeni [Virgin Mary the “Shade casting”].

Being a natural landscape full of coniferous and fruit trees, as well as agricultural land, the village of Arnitha gives nature lovers and hikers many options to choose from: the area of “Fountana-Vodi” for its waterfalls, as well as the gorge in the area of ​​”Klisoura” are places of exceptional natural beauty. Do not miss looking for the hill of Paleokastro, where evidence of a small settlement, a castle and Hellenistic tombs was found. The view of the other peaks from Paleokastro is truly breathtaking. Another interesting route for hiking is considered to be the one that leads to the village of Apolakkia, and through the mountains, to the Monastery of Agioi Theodoroi [the Saint Theodores].



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