Horse Riding

Horse Riding


At a well-organized ranch in the village, there is a team that organizes horse riding trips. Visitors are divided into groups of amateur and experienced riders, have training sessions and get useful instructions before setting off. Each traveler can choose from a short horseback ride to multi-day excursions where riders and trainers cross large plots of land and spend some nights elsewhere. For family members who do not want to live the experience, there is a lobby and a swimming pool to spend their time in the most pleasant way.

More specifically, one might opt for horse riding at:

  • Gadoura Dam for 4.5 hours
  • Tharri Monastery for 2 hours
  • the tombs overlooking the dam for 3 hours
  • an altitude of 400 meters for 3 hours

Our young friends can ride a pony or have fun at a donkey-drawn cart ride. For more alternative types who want to live a unique experience, there is also the “South Rhodes Trail” excursion, where you can go horse riding for a whole week, discover the unexplored beauties and landscapes of Rhodes, spend the night in monasteries, hostels and hotels, go sightseeing, visit beautiful beaches and taste the local delicacies. Don’t give it another thought -be bold and go for it!