Canoe Kayak

Canoe Kayak

Τράβα κουπί!



Besides hiking in nature or sipping a frozen drink under the shade of pine trees, one of the most thrilling experiences one can enjoy at the Apolakkia Dam is a ride on a kayak.

On-site, there is a group of highly experienced trainers able to provide people who are interested in getting to know the landscape from close up with the right instructions! A helmet, paddles, a life jacket and a canoe are given to the traveler who will have the chance either to enjoy the kayak ride alone or accompanied by a trainer. If you opt for the summer season, get some water with you and do not forget to put on a hat, although the area is always slightly cooler than the center of Rhodes.


Besides touring and ecotourism, Gadoura dam is also ideal for sports enthusiasts. In an area with a maximum surface of 5.2 km2 , an average surface of 4.4 km2 , and maximum depth 43 meters, you can bask in the lush landscape by canoeing. Combine the canoe ride with a picnic!