Με στόχο το κέντρο!



At the Apolakkia Dam facilities, a group of active people offers a variety of activities for travelers, making their outing to the place even more fun. The quiet types can admire nature while enjoying their coffee in the nearby café, while the daring and all- set-for adventure ones can test their skills at shooting a target!

On-site, there is a target (boss), as well as numerous bows given to the visitors according to their age, experience and strength, while an experienced instructor provides them with the necessary information for best result, which is no other than shooting the center of the target. Depending on individual preferences, this activity can be chosen by both young and old, who can decide on their distance from the target according to their skills and strength.


At a ranch by the village, visitors can choose to practise or test their archery skills for the first time. An experienced team guides the archers-to-be, while others can enjoy a walk in the nature or sip a drink on site.