In addition to its natural beauty and gastronomy, there is one more reputation that follows the island of Rhodes -its fine wine. The ideal Mediterranean climate, the bearable heat, the constant sunshine and the cool sea breeze create a favorable environment for viticulture.

Two “wine roads” with road signs have been created on the island, one of which leads to the village of Embona, where most of the island’s vineyards, as well as the majority of wineries, are located. Lovers of good wine can try varieties such as Athiri and Mandilaria (Amorgiano) or white Moschato or Moschato Trani. In fact, the first sparkling wine from Greece to appear on store shelves, which became famous for its quality, came from the island of Rhodes.

In the village of Embona there are 4 large wineries and a distillery. The​​ vineyards that produce the renowned white, rosé and red PDO (OPAP) Rhodes wines are cultivated mainly on the slopes of Mt. Attavyros. Initially, Rhodes produced only pure white & red PDO wines. The addition of rosé wines, as well as the addition of sparkling white and rosé wines, took place in November 2011 (Government Gazette 232A / 03-11-2011). Rhodes has another designation of origin, the sweet white wine Muscat of Rhodes (Moschatos Rhodou) PDO (AOC).

Feel free to try the wine of smaller private wineries of the village or other local products sold there, such as local oil. Local wine can also be found in several smaller amateur wineries in many villages of Rhodes. In addition to local wine, the island’s farmers are used to producing a distilled drink called “Souma”.