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Apart from the natural beauty of a place and the activities it has to offer, its unique identity is made up and diversified by its inhabitants. It is people who give a place its color, its spice, its scent and history… features that etch indelible memories in our minds. The everyday routine of people who love their homeland and their traditions keeps the original and unique heritage of each place intact. Let them give you just a bit of their love and wisdom!


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Prasonisi is officially heaven on the earth for those who love water sports. Due to the constant winds, tourists from all over the world, as well as people that live on the island are eager to come, experiment and enjoy the waves. The sea


In addition to its natural beauty and gastronomy, there is one more reputation that follows the island of Rhodes -its fine wine. The ideal Mediterranean climate, the bearable heat, the constant sunshine and the cool sea breeze create a


ApollakiaSince Rhodes is a destination that combines the joys of the sea with dozens of other opportunities for on-land adventures, it is ideal for a variety of activities, such as mountain biking.  Special bikes (mountain bikes) are


In the village of Asklipio, a family of nature and animals lovers keep lots of donkeys that are well-cared for in good living conditions, and do its utmost to make your stay in the village as fun as possible. Travelers of all ages can
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